About SAGE

What We Believe

SAGE was founded on the belief that immersive educational travel has the capacity to dramatically change the lives of both the individuals traveling abroad as well as the people and communities they come in contact with. Through authentic cultural engagement students gain unique international perspectives, develop empathy for those very different from themselves, and move our global community towards greater mutual awareness and appreciation. While the digital age has made the world much smaller, nothing can replace face-to-face contact with other cultures and people. At SAGE, working with schools, educators, and individual students is our passion and it allows us to fulfill our mission of creating engaged and responsible global citizens.


The SAGE Program was founded in 1992 as a program to support international recruitment to Woodstock and Kodaikanal International Schools in India. SAGE continued to support this effort while developing additional study abroad and gap and volunteer programs. In 2008, SAGE became a registered 501-c-3 non-profit organization with an independent Board of Directors.

Today, SAGE partners with independent and public schools, universities, and private organizations providing educational and immersive group travel and volunteer opportunities to more than 25 destinations throughout the developing world. From custom designed service learning itineraries to nine month gap year programs, SAGE can support you in your global education goals and initiatives.

Since our inception, SAGE has held to the belief that the experiences gained through educational travel are fundamental to a critical understanding of the world and each person’s place in it. Over the years, SAGE has sent thousands of students abroad with the goal of providing them with a deeply transformative experience. We continue that mission today.

Mission Statement

SAGE provides youth and educators the opportunity to travel, volunteer and study abroad as a means to gain greater understanding of the world and themselves. SAGE challenges its participants to move beyond their comfort zone, to think more critically about the world and themselves, and to become engaged and responsible global citizens.

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